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Experience the irrepressible joy of life through Yuriy Vatkin's masterpiece - ‘Irrepressible’, a vibrant canvas capturing boundless happiness. Dive into a world of color and emotion, where every brushstroke resonates with positivity and brings the viewer high into the clouds where they bask in the warm rays of sun and life.

Love In The Air

Explore the depths of young love with Yuriy Vatkin's "Love In The Air," a captivating acrylic painting. Experience the heightened feelings of adolescent infatuation, where every brushstroke resonates with the beauty and innocence of first love. Discover Yuriy Vatkin's unique artistic path that celebrates the boundless expression of love.

Lunch At The Tiles

Immerse yourself in the world of friendship and camaraderie with 'Lunch At The Tiles,' a stunning acrylic artwork by Yuriy Vatkin. Experience the vibrancy of human connection and the joy of shared moments through captivating strokes and harmonious colors. Explore Yuriy Vatkin's artistic journey that reflects life's essence and emotions.


'Phlox,' an alluring acrylic painting by Yuriy Vatkin, transports the viewer into a vibrant floral world. Be a part of the natural world's symphony with the bees, capturing the rhythm of life with every brush. Discover Yuriy Vatkin's one-of-a-kind artistic process, which revels in the wonder and motion of the natural world.

Ray of Morning Sun

Step into the enchanting realm of spring with 'Ray of Morning Sun,' a captivating acrylic artwork by Yuriy Vatkin. Let the delicate petals and vibrant colors transport you to a world of renewal and vitality. Explore Yuriy Vatkin's unique artistic journey that celebrates nature's essence and the resilience of life.

Winter Sweater

'Winter Sweater,' a captivating acrylic artwork by Yuriy Vatkin, will transport you to the tranquility of winter. Let the interplay of sunlight and snow transport you to a serene garden scene. Explore Yuriy Vatkin's unique artistic journey that celebrates the resilience of nature and the beauty of life's quiet moments.


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