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Drink of the Day: “C’mon You Wanna Lei Me” @ Harvard and Stone

Written by Jessica Klausing

Type: Tiki cocktail
Cost: $14
Ingredients: Tapatio 110 Tequila, Aperol, Strawberry Coconut Milk, Rosewater, Coconut Lacroix, Pink
Harvard and Stone is a steampunk inspired bar in the Thai Town district of Hollywood. The bar hosts live
music, DJs, and burlesque shows. Seasonal drinks and occasionally food are served randomly on the
back patio. The cocktail menu changes constantly. The current tiki themed menu offers refreshing fruity
blends that’ll put you in a summertime mood!
The “C’mon You Wanna Lei Me” is a smooth and sweet coconut concoction. The peppercorn adds a
slight spicy kick to the tequila in the cocktail. It’s a refreshing tropical drink best paired with a day at the
beach or pool.