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'Phlox,' an alluring acrylic painting by Yuriy Vatkin, transports the viewer into a vibrant floral world. Be a part of the natural world's symphony with the bees, capturing the rhythm of life with every brush. Discover Yuriy Vatkin's one-of-a-kind artistic process, which revels in the wonder and motion of the natural world.
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Enjoy the hypnotic allure of "Phlox," measuring 150 × 120 cm, an acrylic on canvas masterpiece by the renowned Ukrainian impressionist Yuriy Vatkin, created in 2017. Enter a world where the wonders of nature can be seen right before your eyes. "Phlox" transports you to a serene oasis, where vibrant phlox flowers adorn the path of someone else's yard. The canvas comes alive as bees flit around, drawn by the sweet nectar of these blossoms. Yuriy Vatkin's brushwork captures the delicate dance between flora and fauna, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the scene.

Yuriy Vatkin's artistry is a harmonious blend of his deep-rooted passion for both art and nature. From his early discovery of artistic talent during his teenage years, he has relentlessly pursued his craft, resulting in a unique fusion of symbolism and expressionism. Through "Phlox," Yuriy invites you to experience the very essence of nature, events, and emotions, skillfully translated onto canvas.

Journey through eight captivating series of artworks, each a testament to Yuriy's boundless creativity. From the thought-provoking "Unconscious" to the evocative "Nature Breeze," his pieces grace prestigious galleries across Europe and America, capturing hearts with their vibrant brushwork and captivating color palettes.

Yuriy's artistry underwent a profound metamorphosis during a time of adversity, marked by a near-death encounter amid Russian occupation. This pivotal moment ignited a fresh artistic approach, characterized by vivid hues, limitless possibilities, and expansive canvases. His unconventional use of cardboard as a canvas adds texture and depth, breathing life into his creations and evoking a sensory experience like no other. Add "Phlox" to your collection and infuse your space with the essence of serenity and natural beauty.

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