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Handmade Authentic Berber TAGINE - Ceramic Cooking and Serving Tagine - CUSTOMIZABLE Dining And Serving Tagine - Ceramic Handmade Cooking

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This genuine, hand-made, North African-style cookware is an integral element of the Moroccan way of life. The tagine is handmade from 100% lead-free, fireproof ceramic. This beautiful piece of craftsmanship from Morocco is not only a beautiful addition to any home, but it is also useful. The special shape of the utensil makes it ideal for serving the finest cuisine.


The base is an adaptable, multipurpose, wide, shallow, circular dish. Thanks to the cone-shaped lid, the steam can move around, condense, and then go to the food. Meats, vegetables, and grains can be slowly infused with more flavor this way.


The tagine is versatile enough to be used both in the oven and in the dishwasher. Abrasion and washing won't damage our ceramics.

Artisanal touches lead to subtle shifts in hue, scale, and pattern.


The clay used for making these tiles is a substance that can only be found in Fes City, in a location known as "Ben Jellik." Then the clay is brought to a different location and left to dry for 20 days. After breaking it into little pieces with a big hammer when it is dry, they are left to dry again for an entire day before being immersed in water for two days. Then, the artists try to get rid of any rocks or other things that don't belong in the clay before moving on. Then the processed clay is used to make the nuanced patterns, depending on where the zellige would be used. Due to the amount of sunlight this place gets, this kind of process can only happen in Fes.


The processed clay is then baked in the oven for 8 hours at 2000 °C. Then the natural colors are used to paint the surface with vivid detailing. After that, the products are coated with shiny material and glazed for another 8 hours to give them a sturdy texture. The Zellige can withstand any temperature, and the colors remain long-lasting.


In the last stage, the zellige is coated with "La Resin" and flipped downwards to dry. After drying, the products are ready to be shipped. This is how Fes artisans painstakingly make each of these breathtaking pieces of home decor.


Shipping: Since these products are made to order, it will take 15 days to create your order and another 2–3 business days to ship it. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.



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