Triple Layered Solid Silver Vintage Charm, Hand-carved African Turquoise, One of Kind Necklace, Healing necklace, Turquoise necklace

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Stunning Necklace made of Waxed Cord, Vintage Solid Silver Unique Collectible Charm, Hand -Carved African Turquoise, Glass bead , sterling silver beads and stainless steel lobster.


Length of the shortest top cord is : 46 cm (18 inches)


......Turquoise healing properties............



Immunity: Even when not used in meditation, this crystal can boost immunity.


Breathing: This stone can help ease breathing when dealing with respiratory ailments such as shortness of breath, and other issues.


Allergies: This gemstone can prevent and treat allergies and asthma caused by allergies.


Depression: Turquoise can lift your spirits even when it seems hopeless.


Vitality: This crystal brings strength and energy. It can ease or eliminate exhaustion.


Healing the emotional body:

To heal the physical body, you must also treat the emotions or the emotional body. Significantly, this stone works with both the physical and emotional bodies for healing.


Wholeness: Again, the theme of body and emotional healing shows up, but with other components: mental and spiritual healing. When the mind/body/emotion/spirit is well, there is a wholeness that is more than the sum of its parts.


Master Healer:

Turquoise is considered a Master Healer stone since it can heal on all levels of the person.

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