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Top 10 Fall Skincare and Haircare Tips

Summer's scorching heat is diminishing slowly and giving way to the colder and drier season of fall. Season to get cozy with hot cocoa and warm blankets is around the corner. Time to put aside your summer clothes temporarily and bring out the fuzzy sweaters. And it's not only the time to change your wardrobe, but also to change your skin and hair care routine. Change of season changes our skin and hair's requirements as well. So you have to adapt yourself accordingly if you want a flawless and healthy look in colder weather as well.



For Skin -

  1. Choose a moisturizer for dry skin: Fall and winter seasons are essentially dry seasons. So they make our skin dry and itchy as well. So applying an appropriate moisturizer rich with ceramides regularly is very important. Ceramides are something your skin produces naturally, but in drier seasons it may not be enough. That's why you need to replenish your skin with moisturizer. Use a suitable body lotion as well.


  1. Don't forget lip moisturizer and eye cream: Don't neglect the dryness of your lips and the skin around your eyes. Those are some sensitive areas in need of special care. Incorporate a suitable lip balm and eye cream in your daily skincare regime.


  1. Put on sunscreen: Many people have this misconception that you need to apply sunscreen only in the summertime. But in reality, the Sun's UV rays are harmful to your skin in all seasons. So even in fall and winter, you can't neglect sunscreen. Apply at least a minimum of SPF 30 products.


  1. Cleanse your face regularly: Cleanse your face regularly to avoid clogging pores with dirt and germs. Choose your cleanser carefully based on your skin type. Spending a few minutes in a steam room also helps to open up pores and release the toxins trapped there. Just remember to gently clean your face with a clean washcloth and warm water later.


  1. Prevent acne: Adding a cleanser with salicylic acid will be helpful to prevent acne on your skin. But if this kind of cleanser is too dry for your skin then pair it with a milder cleanser and use them both alternately.


  1. Use warm water: Whenever you are taking a bath or just washing your face, try to use warm water instead of really hot water. Hot water irritates your skin, makes it dry and inflammable.  So using warm water is safer for your skin. Also, avoid scrubbing your face as it also causes irritation. Just gently pat it with a clean towel to retain the moisture of your skin.


  1. Use a humidifier: The central heating system of offices and even your home may make you feel really comfortable in cold seasons, but it also makes the air drier. So your skin suffers even more. So start using a humidifier to prevent the air around you from getting too dry.


  1. Avoid exfoliation: Avoid exfoliants and retinoids during colder weather. It may make your skin more prone to lose hydration.


  1. Ingest vitamin C and drink plenty of water: Include a lot of vitamin C in your regular diet. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits like cucumber, lettuce, watermelon, etc which have high water content. This way your body will remain hydrated. 



For Hair -


  1. Change your shampoo and conditioner: In dry weather of fall, consider changing your regular shampoo and conditioner. Like your skin, your hair also gets really dry during this season. Dry hair gets frizzy really easily and is more susceptible to breakage. To prevent this kind of situation, start using shampoo and conditioner which are helpful to retain moisture in your hair. Washing hair less often will also be helpful to prevent your hair from getting too dry. You can also use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to get rid of all the toxins in your root accumulated throughout the summer season.


  1. Use oil and serum: To keep your scalp and hair hydrated, you can use a lightweight oil or serum. It will be helpful to replenish your hair with additional moisture and also provide a shine. Apply the oil gently on your scalp and hair, then use a comb and start brushing your hair from the ends to the upwards.


  1. Trim your hair: Summer Sun causes a lot of damage to your precious hair. So it's a great idea to start a new season by getting rid of all the damaged parts of your hair and sporting a refreshing cute hairstyle. If you are not entirely up for a new hairstyle, then at least trim the split-ends so it can grow properly.


  1. Use mask treatment: You can consider upping your game a bit and go for a deep conditioning mask treatment for your hair during these colder months. Using such masks bi-weekly is not much of a hassle. With the added nutrition and moisture, your hair will look a lot healthier and shiny.

  2. Go organic: Organic or natural products are always superior because they are generally mild in nature and do not have many side effects. Products with various chemicals can cause irritation or damage to your skin/scalp. This is especially true in the seasons like fall or winter when our skin is already more sensitive. So if you are not using natural products all year round, then at least use them in these colder and harsher seasons.

  3. Protect your hair: Protect your hair from the harsh and cold wind by wearing a hat or a scarf. A blow dryer or hair curler can make your hair dry and static. So use them mindfully. It's best to spray a bit of protection over your wet hair before blow-drying so it suffers the least damage.

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