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If your skin is lacking the luster it once had and you’re feeling like you need a little “refreshing”, don’t call your doctor, grab this 4pc set from BK! Rose Geranium is known as “Nature’s Botox” which makes this is the perfect anti-aging and refreshing set. Includes 12oz Rose Geranium Bath Soak, 4oz Rose Geranium Clay Mask, 6oz 100% Natural Rosewater Toner, & 1 Set of Rose & Aloe Collagen Eye Gels all packed in an organza gift bag.
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This bundle is recommended for mature skin (over 35) to restore a youthful complexion.

Rose and Geranium Bath Soak: Rose Geranium has been used for centuries for revitalization and its ability to evoke positive, spiritual thoughts, and feelings of joy. Sink into a glamorous blend of organic rosebuds and various salts, plus rose and geranium essential oils.

Rosewater Toner: Refreshing, revitalizing, and multi-use. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritation, reduce redness, and help fight acne and other skin conditions. Spray for a hydrating boost; set your makeup or use as a midday pick-me-up. Beauty Kitchen’s 100% pure rosewater from Bulgarian roses will revive dehydrated skin with a dewy glow anytime, anywhere.

Rose and Geranium Clay Mask: One of our favorite masks, the Rose Geranium Clay Mask leaves skin toned, tight, and refreshed. Perfect for maturing skin, this mask has a high concentration of Rose and Geranium essential oils, which are known as 'Nature's Botox'. Gentle and perfect for all skin types. This instant purifying face mask significantly reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, revealing a balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

Rose & Aloe Collagen Eye Gels: In just ten to twenty minutes, collagen eye gels infuse the eye area with age reducing properties and concentrated doses of firming natural ingredients to de-puff, tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as detoxing into deep layers of the skin.


Rose and Geranium Bath Soak: Organic Rosebuds, Epsom, Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salts, alongside a blend of Rose and Geranium Essential Oils.

Rosewater Toner: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rosewater.

Rose and Geranium Clay Mask: Kaolin Clay, Blush Clay, Rose Essential Oils, and Geranium Essential Oils.

Rose & Aloe Collagen Eye Gels: Rose Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Aloe Extract, Licorice Extract, Collagen, Glycerin, Vitamin C, Silicone, Aqua.


Rose and Geranium Bath Soak: Pour ¼ cup of the soak into a hot bath and relax. Double the recipe for a more aromatic experience.

Rosewater Toner: Spritz generously on clean, dry skin, anytime, anywhere. We recommend using this to hydrate the Rose Geranium Clay Mask for maximized results.

Rose and Geranium Clay Mask: Mix 2 parts powder to 1 part any liquid suitable for hydrating the mask. Apply to clean, dry skin and leave on for 20 minutes or until the clay completely dries. Remove with lukewarm water and a soft towel, then pat dry.

Rose & Aloe Collagen Eye Gels: One Eye Gel Set. One time use. Unseal the package, apply each gel under the contours of your eyes. Go from puffy to perfection in ten minutes. Can be worn until eye masks are completely dry for a longer, more intense treatment.



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