Red Rose Floral Bistro/Cafe/Kitchen Round Mosaic Tabletop

Handmade Width: 60 centimeters Height: 60 centimeters Depth: 2 centimeters
SKU: LM00009
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This one-of-a-kind Coral pink Mosaic table top features ornate and vivid red rose flower themes, and is sure to be a show-stopper in any room. Each artwork is individually crafted by artisans using marble, shattered crockery, tiles, and black grout. The indirect method of drying the mosaic upside down maintains a flat surface, even though the tabletops are created with tiles and marble of varying thicknesses. The cement pour evens out the height difference. High-quality, extra-strength cement was used to ensure the item would last for quite some time. The surface is further safeguarded by the use of the sealer.


Measurement: 60 cm diameter (23.5 inches)





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