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Pink Floral Mosaic Tabletop; Rose Mosaic Tabletop; Glamourous feminine floral mosaic tabletop for dining table or coffee table

Handmade Materials: tile, dishes, marble, grout, cement Width: 70 centimeters Height: 70 centimeters Depth: 2 centimeters
SKU: LM00013
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Spruce up the decor of your home with the inclusion of this luxurious looking one of a kind Coral pink Mosaic tabletop with elaborate and vibrant floral motifs. Artisans use tiles, broken dishes, marble, and black grout to handcraft each piece. Even though the tabletops are made with a variety of tiles and marble of varying thicknesses, the indirect method of drying the mosaic upside down ensures a level surface. The pouring of the cement compensates for the discrepancy in height. The use of top-grade extra-strength cement gives the piece longevity. And then the application of the sealant further protects the surface.


Depending on the height of the base, it can be utilized as a coffee table, a bistro table for the kitchen or patio, or both.


Dimension: 70 cm diameter (27.5 inches)



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