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Perso Names Engraved On Zellije Tiles - Mosaic Engraved Tiles - CUSTOMIZE Your Table With Your Names Tiles - 10 Or Plus - Mother's Day Gift

Handmade Material Mosaic Dimensions Width: 4 Inches; Height: 4 Inches; Thickness: 0.5 Inches
SKU: CM00392
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Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Moroccan handicrafts with Custo Mosaic's Name-engraved Zellije Tiles. These unique mosaic engraved tiles offer a personalized touch to your table, making them ideal for customizing your space or as a thoughtful gift for occasions like Mother's Day or Father's Day. Each tile is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, reflecting the exquisite craftsmanship and diverse traditions of Moroccan artistry.


The tiles are made from high-quality mosaic materials, showcasing a stunning blend of design, materials, and vibrant colors on the surface. With dimensions of 4 inches in width, 4 inches in height, and a thickness of 0.5 inches, these tiles add a touch of elegance to any setting. Whether you need 10 or more tiles, Custo Mosaic is ready to accommodate your customization requests.


Crafted from the exclusive clay found only in Fes City, particularly in the specific location of "Ben Jellik," the production process of these tiles begins with collecting the clay and allowing it to dry for 20 days. Once dry, the clay is carefully broken into small pieces using a large hammer and left to dry for another day before being immersed in water for two days. Skilled workers meticulously clean the clay, removing unwanted rocks and impurities. This unique process is a specialty of Fes City, owing to its close relationship with the sun.


Talented artisans shape the clay dough into various forms, including flower vases, jars, plates, and the exceptional handmade tiles that we proudly present. Each piece is a testament to the inherited craftwork that has been passed down through generations, preserving the rich traditions and artistry of Moroccan craftsmanship.


Following the shaping process, the handmade tiles undergo an intensive firing process in an oven at an astounding temperature of 2000°C for eight hours. This ensures their durability and strength. Once fired, the tiles are meticulously hand painted using natural-based colors derived from local resources. Fine paintbrushes made from horsehair are employed, allowing for precision and attention to detail. The color palette includes captivating shades of blue, red, black, and more, reflecting the beauty of Moroccan fortunes, dining tables, and walls.


To enhance their appearance and ensure practicality for everyday use, the tiles are coated with a special material that imparts a shiny finish. They are then returned to the oven for an additional eight hours, where they are baked using burned wood. This final step ensures their suitability for daily use, allowing you to confidently use them with hot or cold water while enjoying the long-lasting vibrancy of the paint.


The artistry of Zellige takes center stage as the tiles undergo additional firings, followed by the expert hands of artisan Nekkach. Based on the placement of the Zellige, Nekkach meticulously arranges the tiles in captivating geometric patterns, drawing inspiration from ancient references such as Karaouiyn and the grand palaces of Moroccan kings. This intricate process showcases the true workmanship of clay in the city of Fes, preserving the legacy of Moroccan artistry.


By acquiring these Person Names Engraved On Zellije Tiles, you contribute to the revival of a dying craft, allowing the timeless connection between the past and present to thrive. Moreover, your support brings happiness and sustenance to the talented artisans who dedicate their skills to this remarkable field. Experience the beauty and personalized charm of Moroccan craftsmanship with Custo Mosaic's exquisite handmade tiles.


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