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Osho Oracle in Spanish

Osho is a modern storyteller.
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Creator: Shaman Luna
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60 BEAUTIFUL LETTERS illustrating parables and teaching stories from the world's great wisdom traditions: Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Tantra, Taoism, Christianity and Judaism. AND A BOOK with the parables and meanings of each card, along with instructions for various card spreads that allow you to clarify and understand the challenges and opportunities that life offers every day.


Throughout the centuries, countless mystics and sages have used parables to introduce us to the deepest secrets of life and make it easier for us to understand them. Osho is a modern storyteller of unusual mastery, capable of bringing the perennial wisdom of ancient parables up to date for the 21st century and providing them with a teaching that is immediately and practically applicable to the realities of contemporary life.


These cards are not solely oriented to fortune telling.
Its main quality is that it connects us with our hidden capacity for transformation, helping us to renew our lives on a daily basis. You can draw a card at random and read the accompanying story, or use one of the card spreads to explore the circumstances of a relationship, clarify a situation, or broaden your understanding of a specific issue.


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