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Natural Vegan Dental Floss & Refills - Eco-Friendly Oral Care Essentials

Made with with organic corn fiber, candelilla wax, and mint extract. Discover our Vegan Floss & Refills, an eco-friendly solution for sustainable oral care. Crafted with organic corn fiber and natural mint extract, our vegan floss provides gentle yet effective cleaning between teeth. Choose from glass jars, biodegradable boxes, or refill rolls, all designed with sustainability in mind. Join the movement towards eco-conscious dental hygiene and embrace a cleaner, healthier smile with Jeena LaVie.
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Introducing our Vegan Dental Floss & Refills, an eco-conscious choice for your oral hygiene routine. Crafted with organic corn fiber, candelilla wax, and mint extract, this vegan floss offers a gentle yet effective cleaning experience. Each roll contains a generous 33 yards of floss, ensuring long-lasting use.


At Jeena LaVie, we prioritize sustainability. That's why our vegan floss comes in three packaging options: a convenient glass jar, a biodegradable box, or a pack of two refill rolls. Choose the option that best fits your eco-friendly values.


Regular flossing is crucial for removing food particles and bacteria from between teeth and below the gum line. Our Vegan Dental Floss glides smoothly between teeth, reaching difficult areas effortlessly. Made with organic corn fiber, it cleans effectively while being gentle on gums.


Infused with natural mint extract, our vegan floss leaves your mouth feeling fresh and invigorated after each use. Free from synthetic materials, it's perfect for those following a vegan lifestyle.


Join us in our mission for sustainable oral care. Choose our Vegan Dental Floss & Refills for a cleaner, healthier smile and embrace nature in your daily routine.





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