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Kitchen, Bathroom Handpainted Zellije 100 x 100mm Tiles Handmade CUSTOMIZABLE Tiles Straight Edge Ceramic Singular Subway Tiles

Handmade Materials: Zellige tile, Natural Colors Width: 100 millimeters Height: 100 millimeters Thickness: 10 millimeters
SKU: CM00357
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The Multi Colored Terracotta Zellige is a beautiful handcrafted tile that can be used to spruce up any space with a burst of color and unique design. Custo mosaic's skilled artisans handcraft these tiles from premium terracotta before glazing them in an elegant array of colors.


The 100 × 100 mm tile features square pattern and has several potential applications. Whether you're looking to make a statement with an accent wall or a kitchen backsplash, the Multi-colored Terracotta Zellige is a fantastic option.


The high quality terracotta used in its construction makes this tile an excellent investment. Its unusual glaze finish also makes it easy to clean and maintain, so its vibrant color and elegant appearance are preserved over time.


Custo mosaic's commitment to quality is evident in the company's attention to detail and the craftsmanship of its tiles, such as the Multicolored Terracotta Zellije. This tile has a flawless finish and timeless good looks, both of which are evidence of their commitment to producing high-quality, one-of-a-kind items.


Ben Jellik is the only place in the world where Fes' special kind of clay may be extracted. Getting the clay here, where it will sit for 20 days to dry, is the first stage. After another day of drying, it is broken up using a powerful hammer and then submerged in water for two days. After that, people remove rocks and other debris from the clay before passing it on. Fes is the only site on Earth close enough to the sun to witness such a phenomenon.


The clay dough is then shaped by other craftsmen, whose techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. Then, for 8 hours, we heat the oven to 2000 degrees and bake the handcrafted goods. Following this, we will paint the merchandise to coordinate with the decor and fortune cookies.


To ensure that our products look as genuine as possible, we only use natural plant and mineral colors. Paintbrushes are often made from horse hair. They use a wide range of colors, from blue to red to black and beyond. Products are then covered with a shiny substance and rebaked for 8 hours on charred wood after they have been completed. You may wash them in hot or cold water without damaging the paint, and you can use them forever.


After a second round of painting and baking, Nekkach receives Zellige, the design of which is dictated by where in the world it will eventually be placed. He arranges them backwards in a geometric pattern reminiscent of ancient architecture such that found in Karaouine and regal palaces.


After they've dried, we coat them in "la resina" or "cola sima" and hang them up to dry again. After being flipped over, the Zellige design is exposed. Craftspeople in Fes, Morocco, used clay to make it.


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