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Handwoven Macrame Sacred Turtle Cowrie Shell Native Tribal Unisex Adjustable Bracelet 1pc

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A lovely and quirky tribal unisex adjustable bracelet to complement the unique you. Meticulously hand-woven by the Artisan's, this sacred macrame bracelet is inspired by the authentic native American Indian art. It is 100% handmade with dark brown waxed cord, solid brass round beads, natural cowrie shells and beautiful howlite turtle crystal in the middle.


The eye-catching design of this accessory is derived from the artist's unique idea. These bracelets have an adjustable closure, so they can fit any wrist.


You will get the best quality bracelets for a very reasonable price. They don't change color or shape, even after rigorous and regular use.


The cowrie shells embellished on these bracelets are widely regarded as the most successful and best form of currency in various parts of the world.


According to a legend, cowrie shells represent the goddess of protection, who is very strong and is linked to the strength and power of the ocean.

Because these beautiful and small shells resemble female reproductive organs, they are also known as "elixirs" or "life-givers," which is why wearing cowrie shell jewelry is always a good idea.


Cowrie Shells are also thought to be feminine for obvious reasons, like the way they look. Females, on the other hand, used to place these shells on their altars or even use them in birth spells or menstruation. They are also believed to bring prosperity to the wearer.


Healing properties of howlite beads:


Howlite is most commonly thought of as a stone for patience and calm. It helps you be able to slow down and have a sense of patience. It's particularly helpful for moving through deep emotions and unrest. While howlite may not traditionally be associated with protection, it actually makes a great energetic shield of sorts. Howlite's white color can actually reflect or repel that negative energy as opposed to absorbing it. Along with being calming and protective, this stone has a pure energy that is associated with the crown chakra, much like clear quartz.



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