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Bracelet with Circles, Fish and Lapis Lazuli

Bracelet with golden circles in gold-plated brass, Lapis Lazuli pearls and blue ceramics.

Bracelet with fish and star with Lapis Lazuli stone beads

Bracelet of Lapis Lazuli stone pearls, blue fish and white shell in third-fire decorated ceramic.

Bracelet with lemon and Jade and Aventurine stone pearls

Jade and Aventurine stone bead bracelet with lemon flower and ceramic leaf.

Bracelet with pomegranate and pearls of Agate and Cornelian stones

Bracelet of precious Carnelian stone pearls and Red Agate, the ceramics are a luminous pomegranate with flower and leaf.

Bracelet with seahorse and turquoise Howlite stone beads

Turquoise Howlite stone bead bracelet and ceramic seahorse.

Bracelet with star and shell in ceramic, with pearls of Agate and Cornelian stones

Bracelet with precious carnelian and red agate stone pearls with third-fire decorated ceramics.

Corder Manso.

An exquisite fragrance to dominate and make the beloved person want us.

Hair clip with flowers, stones and pearls

Hair clip with ceramic flowers, natural stone beads and freshwater pearls.

Meek Little Lamb Kit

Powerful perfume with an exquisite fragrance.


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