Gold Lapis Lazuli Sekhmet Necklace

Handmade item Pendant width: 30 Millimeters; Pendant height: 60 Millimeters; Necklace length: 18 Inches Materials: Gold, Stone Gemstone: Lapis lazuli
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Handmade item
• Necklace length: 18 Inches; Pendant height: 60 Millimeters; Pendant width: 30 Millimeters
• Materials: Gold, Silver, Stone

Gold Lapis Lazuli Sekhmet Necklace , Gold Filled Silver Sekhmet Pendant , Sekhmet Jewelry


Lapis Lazuli Is Known For Healing and Spirit

Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of the sun, war, destruction, plagues and healing. She is one of the oldest deities and one of the most powerful. ... Her name may also be spelled as Sakhet, Sekmet, Sachmet, Sakhmet, Sekhet or Sacmis in Greek that translates to “the Powerful One”.

Available purchase Sekhmet pendant only or full Sekhmet Necklace.


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