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Ajwain Seeds 8 oz

Ajwain or sometimes called Ajowan.

Whole black pepper

Freshly cracked or crushed in an amazing array of dishes from cuisines around the world.

Indian Black Vanilla Gourmet Grade A Pods

Our hand-pollinated natural Indian Black Vanilla will elevate your creations!

Black Chickpeas 500g

Excellent vegetarian protein.

Whole Cloves

Cloves are excellent for spicing your rice, vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes.

Whole Black Mustard Seeds

Black Mustard Seeds are the spiciest of the mustard varieties.

Bracelet with Circles, Starfish and Lapis Lazuli

Bracelet made with hammered circles in 24 K gold-plated brass.

Necklace with golden circles, lapis lazuli and blue ceramics

Necklace of golden circles, lapis lazuli and blue ceramics

Ceramic lamp with green cactus

This lamp is a totem composed of overlapping ceramic elements, a cactus and green spheres. Embellished with a sphere decorated with bas-reliefs and ceramic wheels with vertical black and white stripes divide the larger elements.

Silky Moisturizer

The perfect solution for dry, sensitive skin!

Artisan-made Hand Woven Turquoise Healing Bracelet: Vintage Beads & Cowrie Shells

Step up your style game with our Andalusian Artisan Hand Woven Turquoise Healing Bracelet. Featuring vintage beads, cowrie shells, and vibrant turquoise accents, this gypsy-style bracelet brings together tribal artistry and natural charm. Handmade by skilled artisans from Spain's Andalusian region, each bracelet is treated with beeswax for extra durability and waterproofing. Shop now and treat yourself to the beauty and positive vibes of our artisan-crafted healing bracelet.

Artisan-made Hand Woven Boho Beaded Bracelet: Authentic Spanish Craftsmanship for the Accessory Lovers

Add some boho flair to your look with our Artisan-made Hand Woven Boho Beaded Bracelet, crafted by talented artisans from Spain. This bracelet is woven with a natural brown cord and decorated with vintage glass beads, along with stainless steel or brass accents that bring a touch of class. Handmade in a charming eco-friendly village near the Andalusian desert, this bracelet celebrates the art of Native American jewelry. Perfect for any occasion, this timeless bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for someone special.

2 Pairs of Silver Tribal Earrings - Jhumka Inspired Gypsy Filigree Boho Jewelry by Andalusian Artisan

Check out our awesome set of 2 pairs of Silver Tribal Earrings, crafted by a talented artisan from Andalusia. These earrings draw inspiration from ancient jhumka jewelry, bringing a chic boho vibe to any outfit. They're the perfect way to create your own signature look. Ready to get your hands on some unique, eco-friendly, and trendy artisan jewelry? Shop now!

Rare Vintage Boho Nomad Necklace – 1940s Ethnic Tribal Choker, Handcrafted in Andalusia

Discover our rare vintage nomad boho necklace, a 1940s ethnic tribal choker handcrafted in Andalusia. Perfect for free spirits and boho lovers, this unique piece blends tradition with modern style. Shop now for a touch of mystical charm and cultural heritage in your jewelry collection

Surfer's Luck: Hand-Carved Maori Tribal Necklace - Adjustable Natural Bone Charm for Men & Teens

Ride the style wave with our Surfer's Luck Maori Tribal Necklace! Hand-carved by artisans in Andalusia, Spain, this unique accessory blends natural bone charm with adjustable functionality, perfect for men and teens. Embrace the adventure with its Maori tribal vibe and durable design featuring genuine yak bone, fish bones, and glass beads. Amp up your ensemble and add a touch of luck to your look – shop now!

Relax & Unwind: Handcrafted Natural Oatmeal Lavender Soap

Unwind with our Handcrafted Natural Oatmeal Lavender Soap! Made with nourishing oils and real oatmeal, this soap gently exfoliates and hydrates. Infused with lavender essential oil, it promotes relaxation, and deep sleep, and reduces anxiety. Perfect for calming both adults and kids, it's a soothing addition to any skincare routine.
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