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Fortune Kit Chakra Pendulum & Spanish Cards.

Handmade Material: quartz
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Cartas or naipes ("cards"), also known as Baraja espaƱola ("Spanish deck"), are the playing cards associated with Spain. They have four suits and a deck is usually made up 50 cards. The Mexican pattern was derived from the Castilian in 1923 by Clemente Jacques. The knights wear wide brim hats but its most notable feature is the conversion of all the knaves to females. They come in decks of 40 cards but 50 card decks were once produced.Chakra Pendulum - Perfect for Chakra Healing & Clearing Blockages - Chakra Crystals Included: Chakra pendulum: Pendulum Size: Approx. 2" in length. Chain Length: Approx. 7" Our crystals have been cleansed with sage smoke & charged under a full moon for you prior to shipping. Please expect some slight variation in terms of color, as there are variations that are unique for each stone. Though this is an accurate representation of what you will receive. All natural stones, never synthetic! Let's Get into Details: Chakra means wheel/vortex. It refers to the 7 energy centers that make up our consciousness and nervous system. They regulate the flow of energy throughout our bodies. With a Chakra Pendulum, you can lay flat on your back and meditate while holding the pendulum over each area of your body. (Refer to image below.) Imagine the pendulum is clearing each chakras as you move up your body. The crystals help to unblock these Chakras. Each Chakra is associated with a different color and crystal. Listing is for 1 pendulum in a bag. * As all of these products are handmde , expect minimal variations between models . ** Shipped through USPS First Class Mail. *** Orders take up to 2 days to proceed , after which they take between 2-5 days to be delivered . So , please , order in advance. **** If you are interest in wholesale please contact us .

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