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Flying Pepper Pimienta Voladora Repel unwanted people

Regain control of your personal space and energy.
SKU: SL0384
Creator: Shaman Luna
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Pimienta voladora is a potent tool for rituals of withdrawal and personal boundaries. Used in age-old practices to distance yourself from unwelcome individuals or pesky annoyances, Flying Pepper empowers you to regain control of your personal space and energy. Whether you need to create distance from someone you'd rather not be close to or seek respite from bothersome situations, Flying Pepper offers a solution. Our set also includes a Protection Amulet, adding an extra layer of safeguarding to your life. Keep negativity at bay and maintain the serenity you deserve.

- 5 gr of pimienta voladora
Keep negativity outside of your life and regain personal serenity!




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