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Handmade Material: herbs
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THE KIT INCLUDES : 1 LAVENDER COLOGNE, 1 VIOLET COLOGNE,1 CARNATION COLOGNE,1 FLOWERING POWDER .Powerful extract perfume it helps you delete all kinds of evil and envy that they give us bad vibes... And wear a work protector purple bracelet ,to wear every day. It is best to use cleanser with an open and positive mind for best results. NOTE: The Contra Hechizo information is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.WE CAN CUSTOMIZED TO IMPROVE Great for clearing and cleansing your energy and your home. Can add to spray bottles for a great addition to home cleansing sprays!!! Great for good Feng Shui Energy!! Can also add to bath water for pleasant clearing fragrance and energy healing!!!

(70 ml)LAVENDER COLOGNE The properties that lavender possesses in addition to being relaxing, serve to attract very positive energies. For example, it is ideal to place lavenders at the entrance of your house, since they are excellent protectors.

(70 ML)VIOLET COLOGNE.The fragrance of this ritual water penetrates the lovers' five senses, providing what is missing and discarding what is hindering the relationship. Using the violet cologne water we will achieve that the love relationship becomes a strong, stable and lasting relationship. It can be used as an ingredient in powerful esoteric baths of love, couple recovery and balance in romantic relationships.

(70 ML)CARNATION COLOGNE.Wonderful peruana clavel Scented agua. It’s also well know as wonderful liquid for your body and spirit., cleans your chakras and takes away the negative from you.* Please skin test before use to prevent skin sensitivity. When in doubt do not use directly onto the skin. Not meant to be ingested. ** Shipped through USPS First Class Mail. *** Orders take up to 2 days to proceed , after which they take between 2-5 days to be delivered . So , please , order in advance.

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