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Marilyn Monroe Mosaic Café Table top (base not included); mosaic coffee tabletop; mosaic kitchen tabletop mosaic side tabletop; mosaic table

Portuguese style Table top ; kitchen table; side table
SKU: LM00004
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Spruce up your living room, bedroom, or patio with this brilliantly crafted mosaic tabletop. With the 60's iconic enigma Marilyn Monroe's vivid image carved with great detailing on the surface, this tabletop has a very unique and funky appeal to it. Handcrafted with Portuguese-style artwork, it is designed with tiles, broken dishes, chandelier pieces, and cement. All these broken pieces come together to create this stunning artwork. Though made with varying sizes of tiles, the surface of the tabletop is even, heat resistant, and easy to clean. Depending on the base used, it could work both as a coffee table and a bistro table. No matter how you use it, the tabletop will accentuate well with the furniture of the home to give off a warm welcoming vibe. The tabletop is ideal to put indoors or under a covered terrace.


Dimension: 23.5-inch diameter (60 cm)



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