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Dangling earrings with stud closure, with seahorse, coral, gold and pearls

Dangle earrings with stud closure, with turquoise and golden seahorse, coral and freshwater pearls.
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Stud earrings with seahorse, coral, gold and pearls


These seahorse dangle earrings are a perfect example of artistic craftsmanship, inspired by the wonderful shapes of nature and the sea. The ceramic seahorses are hand molded from clay. The entire model is cut into two halves, emptied by digging out the excess clay and then closed again. This delicate operation gives the earring a pleasant lightness and perfect portability.


Gold third fire decoration


Decoration with third fire gold (third firing) is an ancient technique that is performed on ceramics by applying liquid gold mixed with a fondant with a brush. At a temperature of 750° centigrade the gold welds to the vitrified body of the ceramic. The gold used for NatureWit ceramics is 18 karat.


Naturewit by Maria Aurora Manetti


All Naturewit ceramic products are strictly and entirely handmade, by me. My name is Maria Aurora Manetti and I am a Florentine ceramic artisan. The brand was born from my love for nature and for everything that is green, sustainable and possibly self-produced. Ceramic, being basically clay and glass, is the right material for my idea of ​​art. Since I was a child I have always lived in the countryside around Florence, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. From here I developed my artistic sensitivity and desire to create. Observing nature, I understood that there is a spirit behind everything and it is to this spirit that my art is dedicated.


Ceramic and gold-plated jewelry


All Naturewit jewelery is handmade. The clay, white terracotta, is fired in a ceramic oven at 1000°C. The second firing with colors and glazes takes place at 920°C. The plating is 1 micron of 24 karat gold, hypoallergenic as it excludes the use of nickel in the manufacturing phases. Gold plating is widely used in jewelry making. A base metal, usually brass, is used and covered with gold (between 14 and 24 carats) using an electrical or chemical process. To determine the quality of a gold-plated jewel, you must consider the thickness of the applied gold which is measured in microns. The minimum quantity is 0.3 microns and this quantity is generally referred to as flash plating. The greater the quantity of microns used, the greater the resistance and durability of the plating. Naturewit jewels have a 1 micron 24 carat gold plating which allows them to be worn for a long time while maintaining the same brilliance. This duration is also influenced by some external factors which can be controlled with some care and attention.


Care and Maintenance


Some precious tips for taking care of and keeping your plated jewel perfect over time:
• Store it in a dry place, possibly in a soft case to avoid scratches •
• Do not wear it while bathing or showering •
• Remove your jewel during a shower sporting activity •
• Remove your jewelery before going to sleep •
• Avoid contact with cosmetic products (soaps, perfumes, creams…) •



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