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CUSTOMIZABLE Rectangular Mosaic Table - Crafts Mosaic Table - Mosaic Table Art - Mid Century Zellije Table - Handmade For Outdoor & Indoor

Handmade Materials: Zellije, Metal, Mosaic Contact us for custom ORDERS
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Are you interested in displaying a table that is handcrafted of high-quality materials or a stunning outdoor table to complement the décor of your home and to impress your visitors at the next party you host? Whether it is used indoors, on a patio or terrace, this Moroccan handcrafted, mid-century, rectangular, mosaic table brings a bit of the Mediterranean flair into your home. It was designed in Morocco and handcrafted by Moroccan artisans. It is crafted out of glazed clay tiles called zellige, which have been molded and proportioned in a uniquely artistic manner. It has a clear lacquer finish, which gives it a sophisticated appearance.


The clay used for making these tiles is a substance that can only be found in Fes City, in a location known as "Ben Jellik." Then the clay is brought to a different location and left to dry for 20 days. After breaking it into little pieces with a big hammer when it is dry, they are left to dry again for an entire day before immersing in water for two days. Then artisans strive to remove any undesired rocks and other impurities from the clay before proceeding further. Then the processed clay is used to make the nuanced patterns depending on where the zellige would be used. Due to the amount of sunlight this place gets, this kind of process can only happen in Fes.


The processed clay is then baked in the oven for 8 hours at 2000°C. Then the natural colors are used to paint the surface with vivid detailing. After that, the products are coated with shiny material and glazed for another 8 hours to give them a sturdy texture. The Zellige can withstand any temperature and the colors remain long-lasting.


In the last stage, the zellige is coated with 'La resin' and flipped downwards to dry. After drying, the products get ready to be shipped. This is how Fes Artisans painstakingly make each of these breathtaking pieces of home decor.


Shipping : Since these products are made to order, It will take 15 days to create your order and will take 2-3 business days to ship your order. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.



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