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Blue Starfish Drop | Coral_Gold Plated Ceramic Earring

Pendant drop earrings with starfish in ceramic decorated with third fire gold and Mediterranean coral
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These earrings are a perfect illustration of artistic craftsmanship that was drawn from nature and the sea.


The clay models are used to create beautiful ceramic stars. The entire model is divided into two parts, then the surplus clay is dug out and the model is closed. The earring is light and perfectly wearable thanks to this precise process.


White earthenware clay is baked in a ceramic oven at a temperature of 1000 ° C.


At 920 °C, a second burning with glazes and colors is conducted.


The third firing is done with the ornamentation on porcelain with 18k carat gold.


The third fire technique involves brushing liquid gold that has been diluted with a diluent onto the ceramic and then firing it once more at 720 ° C.


The earrings are adorned with rare and authentic Mediterranean corals. The fringed coral was harvested following guidelines that protect the ecosystem. The earrings' base is made of gold-plated brass.


The plating is made of 1 micron of 18 K gold and is hypoallergenic because no nickel was used throughout the manufacturing process.



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