Beautiful Opal Goddess Nekhbet Necklace

Handmade item Pendant width: 40 Millimeters; Pendant height: 50 Millimeters; Necklace length: 18 Inches Materials: Gold, Silver, Stone Gemstone: Opal
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Beautiful Opal Goddess Nekhbet Necklace, Silver Gold Filled Nekhbet Pendant, Nekhbet Jewelry


We included blue opal inlay in many of our dainty art Pendants inspired jewelry collection. The color of the opal jewelry changes depending on the angle of its light reflection. When the opal is rotated, the color shifts between the light sky blue and the sparkling clear ocean blue.


Nekhbet, in Egyptian religion, vulture goddess who was the protector of Upper Egypt and especially its rulers. Nekhbet hovering over Menkauhor, Egypt, 25th–24th century bce. Nekhbet was frequently portrayed as spreading her wings over the pharaoh while grasping in her claw the cartouche symbol or other emblems.

Nekhbet was an early predynastic local goddess in Egyptian mythology, who was the patron of the city of Nekheb (her name meaning of Nekheb). Ultimately, she became the patron of Upper Egypt and one of the two patron deities for all of Ancient Egypt when it was unified.

• Goddess Nekhbet pendant measure 50 mm height & 40 mm width, includes the loop. ( 2 x 1.6 inch )

• Available Necklace lengths 16, 18 inches (40,45)cm.


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