Beautiful Goddess Sekhmet Necklace

Handmade item Pendant width: 10 Millimeters; Pendant height: 45 Millimeters; Necklace length: 18 Inches Materials: Silver
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Beautiful Goddess sekhmet Necklace, Sterling Silver 3D Sekhmet Pendant, Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Jewelry



Sekhmet was one of the lioness goddesses, all daughters of Ra, who prowled the boundaries of the Universe, sniffing out any harmful or destructive influences that might threaten the peace and harmony of Ra's creation. These they swiftly destroyed before real danger could develop. The lioness goddesses kept the forces in the Universe in balance, so that there was peace, law and order in the world. Sekhmet was the fiercest of them all, and was known as "The Powerful One." She appeared as a lioness, or a lioness-headed woman with a solar disc headdress; she represented the all-powerful rays of the sun, from which nothing can escape. The ancient Egyptians worshipped Sekhmet with praise and offerings, and were very careful not to make her angry. In return, Sekhmet protected the Egyptians from invaders. Just as she is the most dangerous of all the gods and goddesses, Sekhmet was also known as the greatest of healers. She cared for the sick and wounded as tenderly as a cat cares for her kittens. There was no enemy or evil force that Sekhmet could not destroy; likewise there was no wound or sickness that she could not heal.

Available purchase Sekhmet pendant only or full Sekhmet Necklace.

. Sekhmet pendant dimensions 45x10 mm, including the loop.
( 1.8 x 0.4 inch )

. The Necklace available lengths 16, 18, 20, "inch (40,45)cm.


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