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Bathroom Vanity 14" Double Sink - HandPainted Black Ceramic Engraved, Natural Emerald Green Color - Custom Mid Century Modern Bathroom Decor

Handmade Materials: Ceramic Contact me for custom ORDERS "COLORS, NAMES, LETTERS, DIMENSIONS ... AVAILABLE"
SKU: CM00259
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Elegant and classy double sinks imported directly from Morocco. These Moroccan sinks were created using the customary Moroccan technique. This Marrakech-produced art is renowned for its richness of pattern and design as well as for the vibrant hues that are so emblematic of Morocco's exposure to sunlight. This Moroccan sink will unquestionably assist you in giving your bathroom a more distinctive and personalized look.


The basins you receive may somewhat differ slightly from the bowl seen in the photos because each one is handcrafted by a Moroccan artist, making them all unique. The wash basin is integrated into a vanity unit, and the bowl's rim protrudes above the countertop. The countertop and sink form a single decorative unit, enhancing the sense of unity and chic simplicity. The built-in wash basins are not only convenient and comfortable to use, but also very simple to maintain, ideal for your kitchen or bathroom.


Unlike cheap, mass-produced sinks, these hand-mold sinks from Morocco won't break or start to lose paint soon after installation. The drain in the sink is a typical size. It is Versatile and can be fitted as a drop-in under-mount sink, overtop or countertop sink, or both. They are glazed thoroughly which makes them durable for a long time. These lovely sinks will be a charming focal point of your bathroom and kitchen.


Approximate Dimensions :


20 cm = 8 inches

25 cm = 10 inches

30 cm = 12 inches

35 cm = 14 inches

40 cm = 16 inches

45 cm = 18 inches

50 cm = 20 inches


height: 110mm

Shipping : Since these orders are made to order, It will take 15 days to create your order and will take 2-3 business days to ship your order. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

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