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After Sun Aloe Spray is a refreshing, hydrating mist perfect for use anywhere, anytime. Simply formulated with fragrant herbal extracts and Aloe Vera juice, this spray is a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. You can also spray your day and night creams for a boost of hydration. Six ounce bottle.
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After Sun Aloe Spray is an invigorating, coconut scented mist formulated with an infusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and rosewater essential water to revive dull, tired skin. Aloe Vera and rosewater, both rich in essential vitamins and minerals, deliver a cooling boost of hydration as aloe vera juice provides powerful antioxidant protection. Skin is left feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Beauty Kitchen’s After Sun Aloe Spray is an excellent daily moisturizer for the entire body. It softens and revitalizes chapped, sun-exposed, moisture deprived skin while helping normal skin retain moisture.


Aloe Vera has the ability to protect and heal epithelial tissue, a layer of cells in the skin covering the body. It also helps stimulate fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for wound healing and the manufacturing of collagen. By reducing inflammation and stimulating new cells, it allows wounds to heal quickly while minimizing scarring. Aloe also has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities.


WHY IS IT A LIQUID UNLIKE A REGULAR GEL? Did you know that the skin absorbs Aloe Vera four times faster than water? Whichever thickener used in Aloe Gel makes the skin absorption process slower and could create a sticky residue. Therefore, for maximum absorption we have not added any thickeners to our Aloe Vera Skin and Body Spray. 


Organic Aloe Vera Ingredients, Aloe Vera gel, Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Rose Water, Distilled Water, and Aloe Sunburn Fighting Essential Oils (proprietary blend).


While being more natural, the liquid form also gives the advantage of using the sprayer, you can cover your skin more evenly and reach those hard-to-reach places with ease.


Pro Tip: Throw this amazing aloe vera sun protective body spray into your beach bag or purse, so you can have instant cooling relief on the go.


Mist onto face, neck, or hair as needed. Use it to infuse more hydration before or after applying moisturizer, post-makeup application to give skin a dewy finish, as a pick-me-up on the go, or after exposure to the sun.

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