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Abundance and Prosperity Starter Kit

This kit is designed to attract positive energy and wealth.
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Creator: Shaman Luna
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Manifest abundance and prosperity with this Ritual Kit. This kit is designed to attract positive energy and wealth into your life, helping you unlock the flow of money and prosperity.


- Rue Soap Bar (90gr): Cleanse your energy and remove any blockages that may hinder the flow of abundance.

- Rue Essence (5 ml): Harness the essence of rue to amplify your intentions and manifest abundance. 

- Ekeko, God of Abundance: Ekekos are amulets that symbolize prosperity and wealth in the Andean culture. 

- Mix Petal Sage: Burn this mix petal sage to cleanse your space and remove any negative energies that may be blocking abundance.

- Green Candle: Green represents hope, growth, health, and prosperity. 

- Sodalite: Known a the stone of manifestation and intuition. This crystal enhances your ability to attract abundance and promotes a positive mindset for achieving your goals.

The kit includes informative cards and detailed instructions for a ritual to manifest abundance and prosperity. 

Box Dimensions: 27.0 x 18.2 x 7.5 cm.

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