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14 Karat Gold Luxury Bathroom Oval Sink - Custom 10"x12" Bathroom Vessel Sink

Handmade Materials: White Ceramic, Glaze, Natural Colors
SKU: CM00450
Creator: Custo Mosaic
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This exotic and luxurious oval bathroom sink is one of the finest examples of Morocco's traditional art of pottery and ceramics. Pottery and ceramics art is among the real treasures of Morocco. Influenced by the Berber and Moorish culture, it is the most representative handicraft of the local culture, with various designs and colors.


Wash Basin sinks, bowls, dishes, plates, pots, and vases in stunning traditional design are available from our shop. Each piece is unique because it is made by hand and painted by skilled artisans. There's a backstory and a quest to be discovered in every part. You may use them to give your kitchen and bathroom a unique look and feel, as well as to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.


These pieces are traditionally made from red clay which, in its solid form, contains minerals and weathered rocks. The rocks are first collected and broken down to create powdered clay. Powdered clay is then mixed with water to form wet clay before starting the wedging process.

If you want something natural, unique and authentic this is your place. Remember that every piece here is one of a kind and no two are alike.


-Materials : Organic clay

-Origin : Morocco ( FEZ )

-Color : Every piece has unique patterns, if you have requirements about colors contact the creators 


Sink Informations :


height : 130mm


Drain hole : 45 mm


• The wash basin sink is compatible with any plumbing system


How to clean your sink:


Wash your sink by hand with a soft cloth or sponge, wipe it out with warm water and a little mild soap-based cleaning agent and dry it off




• Products 100% handmade

• Resistant to abrasion and discoloration.

• They can be used indoors or outdoors

• Please bear in mind that this is handmade therefore it may have imperfections or irregularities which shouldn't be viewed as defects but instead considered to add to the item's beauty and authenticity.

• You will receive the exact piece as shown in picture 



Our products are packed in cardboard



  • You are covered by our 14 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee. 

  • WARRANTY covers functionality ( Leaks, Broken parts) and finish of the sink. 

Shipping: Since these products are made to order, it will take 15 days to create your order and another 2–3 business days to ship it. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.



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