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Vintage Red Jade and Freshwater Pearl Healing Necklace

Get ready to add some magic to your style! Snag our enchanting Vintage Red Jade and Freshwater Pearl Necklace, featuring rare red jade and stunning freshwater pearls, handwoven with care for durability and style. Perfect for every occasion, it's not just a fashion statement but is also believed to have healing abilities. Don't miss out on this must-have accessory that'll make you shine!
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Add a touch of charm to your look with our Vintage Red Jade and Freshwater Pearl Healing Necklace. This beautiful piece features a pendant made from rustic white brass. It’s adorned with rare red jade and stunning freshwater pearls. Handwoven by artisans from Spain using a dark brown waxed cord treated with beeswax, the necklace is perfect for any occasion. You can also customize the cord length to fit just right.

Red Jade, a "dream stone," helps clear your mind of negative thoughts and irritability. It brings balance to your personality, making it easier to develop ideas and complete tasks. As a powerful cleansing stone, Red Jade could help to support kidney, spleen, and adrenal health, and balances the body’s fluids. It assists to energize the Base and Earthstar Chakras, blending Earth and Fire elements.

Freshwater pearls are symbols of purity, peace, and humility, often associated with innocence and modesty. This necklace is not just a beautiful accessory but also carries deep spiritual meaning.



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