Tribal Vintage Solid Brass Charms Rustic Glass Amazing Design Solid Brass Beads Handmade Artesan Earrings

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Inspired by the abundance of beautiful nature and the age-old famous craft of Native American jewelry making, this one-of-a-kind and gorgeous pair of earrings will be the perfect piece of jewelry to beautify your unique self. A lovely vintage accessory with a rustic appearance, this will perfectly blend with any of your outfits to create a bold statement.


The tribal earrings are one of the newest creations of the artisan and also a treasured one at that. They are completely handcrafted with beautiful vintage glass, solid brass vintage charms, brass beads, and brass hooks. The vibrant colors used to paint the piece of jewelry are organic and thus don't fade no matter how frequently you wear them.


Many individuals think that wearing jewelry made of brass will cause your skin to absorb the metal's minerals, improving your health. Brass is a crucial trace mineral for a healthy metabolism, iron absorption and distribution throughout the body, and the synthesis of melanin in the skin.



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