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Personalized (long tex outside)Teepee Leather Handcrafted Incense Burner⇻ Native American Style Incense Burner ⇻ Handcrafted Teepee Burner

Handmade Read the full list of materials Materials: natural cow leather, raji glass beads, turquoise beads
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Use this one-of-a-kind incense burner to turn your house into a haven of peace and quiet. This teepee is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. It was made by hand in the Andalusian desert by people who care about the environment. Artisans use authentic cowhide leather and vintage glass beads to create this beautiful accessory.


The sparkly teepee can be used in a lot of different ways, like as a Native American-themed decoration for your home, a sweet gift, a fairy teepee, or even as terrarium decor for reptiles. Even though its main purpose is to burn incense, the top of the teepee was made so that the smoke from the burning incense fills the room, making it feel like being near a warm fire.


The cowhide leather used to make the teepees comes from a family farm in Asturias, Spain.


There are no paints or chemicals used in the making of these teepees.


This hand-burned teepee is unique and original.


The best feature of this beautiful teepee is that it can be engraved with personalized inscriptions. It can be carved with a long text outside (more than 5 words). The carving will be entirely hand-painted with non-toxic Turquoise Leather paint of the finest quality. Please get in touch with the artisan if you want anything else unique for you that is hand-burned or hand-carved, or if you want to add a further personalized touch to your teepee. 


You may also select the type of buttons for your teepee: turquoise buttons, metal buttons, or handcrafted antique glass buttons.


This Teepee measures : 10 cm = 4 inches in diameter


13 cm = 5 inches the length 


Significance of the teepee in Native American culture :


Teepees provide shelter, warmth, and family and community connectedness.


They are still used today for ceremonies and other purposes.


There is a special meaning behind their creation and setup.


For spiritual purposes, the teepee's entrance faces the east and the back faces the west.


Set includes:

  • One handcrafted Teepee burner

  • Three relaxing incense cones

  • Natural healing gypsum crystal

  • Free turquoise color ceramic pendant with native American symbol as part of the packaging 

  • Free Gift Packaging


Though the artist is not Native American herself, she adores Native American culture, art, and craft. And that love is quite apparent in her creations - teepees and jewelry.



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