Melanated Curls

Melanated Curls is for all curly girls!

We believe that curly girls deserve curly hair care.

My name is Dupreea McCray and I'm the Ceo/Founder of Melanated Curls.



In 2016 I started making my own homemade deep conditioners and didn't really think much of it. I just know I wanted to get my hair back healthy. I nourished my hair back to full health but then in 2017 I dyed the top part of my hair and it caused sooo much damage and set my healthy hair journey back again. Within this time I gave up on the consistent routine of taking care of my hair. Towards the end of 2018 after my hair was fried, dyed, and laid to rest...

I got back serious about my hair journey and made a commitment to my hair goals. I started back making my homemade hair care products and being consistent with my routine. After so much damage I had to cut a lot of my hair for the overall health of my hair. I noticed that while using more natural and homemade products my hair reacts better versus using a lot of store-bought products with tons of chemicals in them.

2019 I cut a lot of my hair and while trying to get rid of the dyed parts of my hair which were the driest, more brittle, and damaged. I thought that it would take a while for my hair to grow back and for me to get closer to my hair goals. Now 2020 my hair is healthier than ever and has grown double the length it was when I started! I'm so excited to share some of the most effective and health-beneficial products I used to grow my hair. I have not reached my hair goals yet but I invite you to join me on this healthy hair journey, Also come join me and many other curly girls on this hair growth journey in our Facebook group (MelanatedCurls) We share Hairspiration, tips, and support. Join Us!

Melanated Curls was created with all curly girls in mind.

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Herbal Scalp Oil- Natural Oil For Scalp, Hair Growth-Organic Oil

Soothe the scalp and keep the scalp hydrated


Moisture Shampoo- Shampoo For Dry Hair

Keep your hair moisturized and hydrated


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