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FIVE PAIRS of Solid Brass Elegant Hoop Quartz Charm Earrings,Brass Mandala Earrings, Lotus Earrings,Healing Earrings, Tribal Earring

Handmade item Materials: Brass
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This is a set of five brand-new, elegant, and glamorous solid raw brass hoops with magnificent rose quartz, solid brass fish charms, mandala and lotus brass, vintage spiral charms made of brass, and solid brass beads. These earrings are one of the most sought-after creations of Artesania Los Molinos.


The earrings are constructed of solid Nickel-free Brass and have an elaborate and eye-catching design with a tribal influence. The artisan's fondness for solid raw brass is clear here because it's a wonderful material that doesn't cause allergies and never changes color.


Many individuals think that wearing jewelry made of brass will cause your skin to absorb the metal's minerals, improving your health. Brass is a crucial trace mineral for a healthy metabolism, iron absorption and distribution throughout the body, and the synthesis of melanin in the skin.


Rose quartz is thought to have tremendous healing properties that can benefit both physical and mental health.


Some claim that rose quartz can:


  • Solve relationship issues

  • Encourage mutual understanding 

  • Instill compassion and kindness

It is also thought to increase feelings of peace, calm, and self-love.

Rose quartz is also said to provide physical health advantages, especially when worn or carried on your body.



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