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Artisanal Healing Power Handmade Turquoise Blue Kyanite Citrine Silver Stainless Steel High Polish Personalized Necklace

Discover the Artisanal Healing Power Handmade Necklace, featuring turquoise, blue kyanite, and citrine stones. Crafted with high-polish stainless steel, this durable and vibrant piece is perfect for any outfit. Customizable length and colors available. Order now!
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Elevate your look with our Artisanal Healing Power Handmade Necklace. This unique high-polish piece features natural turquoise, blue kyanite, and citrine stones, woven entirely by hand with durable stainless steel. Crafted by our Spanish artisan, this necklace is designed to enhance both your outfit and your spirit.

Product Details:

  • Material: Stainless steel, natural turquoise, blue kyanite, citrine

  • Finish: High polish

  • Standard Length: 14 inches (customizable length available)

  • Handmade by: Spanish artisans from Andalusia

Healing Properties:

  • Turquoise: Encourages enthusiasm and creativity, balances the throat chakra, boosts communication, and provides energy.

  • Citrine: Promotes happiness, prosperity, creativity, and self-confidence. Cleanses chakras, attracts wealth, and enhances concentration.

  • Kyanite: Aids meditation, aligns chakras, balances energy, reduces stress, and supports psychic abilities.

Stainless steel ensures that the necklace is strong, unbreakable, and resistant to tarnish and rust, making it perfect for year-round wear, even during swimming or strenuous activities. The hypoallergenic nature of stainless steel makes it safe for all skin types.

Customization Available:

Each necklace is handcrafted specifically for the customer. The standard length is 14 inches, but you can customize it to your desired length by choosing from the options. We also offer a variety of color options for personalization. For customization requests, please email us.

Shipping Information:

Since these necklaces are made to order, it takes 15 days to create your order, plus an additional 2-3 business days for shipping. For any inquiries or personalization requests, please contact us via email.



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